Private Company Sales


SRP Advisors works with owners of private companies across all industry segments who are interested in exploring alternatives for their companies such as a full or partial sale of the business, an investment from a private equity group, or a transition of ownership to management or the next generation of family.

SRP Advisors often encounters private business owners who are struggling with important issues such business succession or wealth diversification. Much of the owner’s personal wealth may be locked-up in the equity of the company and the owner may not be fully comfortable stepping away from the day-to-day management of the business. Often times, private owners have spent their entire careers building a successful company and have reached a point in their life where they would like to enjoy more of the benefits of their success.

In these circumstances, SRP Advisors will work as experienced advisors to the business owner to find the best alternative for the next stage of the company’s development. Although maximizing the value of the business is always a primary consideration, SRP Advisors will help business owners with other important considerations such as the ongoing capital needs of the business, key management retention, employee well-being, and many other issues that are equally important to the legacy of business owners.